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Latifi points to mirrors after crash: 'I could never have seen Zhou'

6 October at 06:38
Last update 6 October at 07:54
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Nicholas Latifi continues to claim he could not see Guanyu Zhou in Singapore. The Canadian therefore complains at the race organisers' decision to give it a grid penalty for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Latifi was involved in an incident at the Singapore Grand Prix, not for the first time. The Williams driver had been battling Zhou for laps and it was clear that the Chinese was much faster. The latter was looking for every opportunity to get past, but it ultimately went wrong.

Grid penalty for Latifi

Indeed, when Zhou tried to overtake Latifi on the outside of the corner, Latifi had not seen his rival. Latifi simply drove to the outside of the track and popped on top of Zhou. Both drivers were unable to continue their way as a result and Latifi received a five-spot grid penalty for the next race.

In Japan, according to Motorsport-total.com at the press conference that he was disappointed with the penalty. According to Latifi, Zhou was in his blind spot and could never have seen the Alfa Romeo driver. Latifi, therefore, finds it strange that the stewards did not wait to make a decision until after the race, to let him tell his side of the story first.