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Mercedes chief Allison recites 'dramatic poem' after poor race

Mercedes chief Allison recites 'dramatic poem' after poor race

5 October - 13:56 Last update: 17:05


Mercedes were disappointed with the outcome in Singapore. They themselves are also surprised by the disappointing performance at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. James Allison knows how to poetically describe the situation in the Mercedes' garage.

Mercedes disappointed in Singapore

George Russell had an outright bad Saturday and Sunday, but Lewis Hamilton showed that the W13 could do something in Singapore against Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. On Saturday, Hamilton was unlucky that the track dried up slowly and he was unable to go out at the right time to take maximum advantage at the right time. The Briton still fell short of Red Bull and Ferrari.

During Sunday's race, the speed could ultimately not be converted into points. Although team boss Toto Wolff stressed seeing many positives and liking the speed of the W13 in free air, it was not enough. Mercedes engineer Allison explained what happened in a YouTube video: "We went into the weekend with no worries about our pace. We were looking forward to a strong race, but sometimes in races things don't go as planned."

Allison dramatically describes the situation

According to Allison, it was especially difficult to keep the tyres at the right temperature, but several small mistakes that piled up meant that things ultimately turned out badly for Mercedes. Allison poetically says with a grimace on his face: "Instead of the race you expected, you suddenly feel you are watching a machine that you have wound up all the way and is now heading down to the conclusion. A machine that doesn't give you the happiness you thought you would get, but instead only gives you pain; lap, after lap, after lap. While you look helplessly trapped by it and are the victim until the race reaches its end."

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