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Wolff makes Russell a promise: 'That time is going to come'

Wolff makes Russell a promise: 'That time is going to come'

5 October - 07:32 Last update: 08:15


George Russell joined Mercedes at the start of the season hoping he could compete for wins. During the race year, however, it turned out that the car did not have the qualities to make this possible. However, Toto Wolff expects the Briton to be able to do so in the future, he told Channel 4.

The talented driver has already shown what he is capable of during the season. Russell finished on the podium several times and is even above his teammate Lewis Hamilton in the world championship, but hasn't won a race yet.

Wolff tries to look on the bright side. "He was obviously hoping to be in a Mercedes and win races and championships," states Wolff, who sees that this has not worked out. "But at least he has progressed to the midfield now!"

Wolff asks Russell for patience

However, the Austrian team boss expects that Russell will still compete for the world title in the future, but simply needs to be patient. "That time is going to come – he will win races, he will race for championships and I think he absolutely has it in him."

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