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Kravitz on Red Bull rumours: 'Maybe a bit of mischief making'

Kravitz on Red Bull rumours: 'Maybe a bit of mischief making'

4 October - 18:43 Last update: 22:13


According to the latest reports, Red Bull Racing has only exceeded the budget cap by one million pounds. Ted Kravitz thinks the noise has now been watered down. According to the Sky Sports analyst, there will be no major surprises in the FIA's financial report.

Earlier this weekend, rumours circulated that two teams in the paddock have exceeded the 2021 budget cap limit. For one of the teams, it would even be a big breach. For instance, Red Bull was rumoured to have overspent by 10 million. Aston Martin was also mentioned as one of the teams that have exceeded the budget cap.

Red Bull has denied that the team has done anything wrong. Toto Wolff was one of the first people to let the media know what he thought of the situation. Christian Horner responded by denying Mercedes' claims.

Kravitz thinks the rumours of foul play by Red Bull and Aston Martin have now been toned down. "I’m hearing that the noise in Singapore about two teams has been watered down somewhat. I wonder if there was a bit of mischief making, something between the ongoing soap opera saga between Mercedes and Red Bull. Christian Horner from Red Bull almost lost his cool in defending his team against the accusations from Toto Wolff from Mercedes", he tells Sky Sports.

'No big surprises in calculations'

A message is expected from the FIA on Wednesday with the results, although the announcement could also be delayed. In any case, Kravitz has heard that there will be no big surprises, but there could be some grey areas. For example, Helmut Marko revealed that several employees are not covered by the budget cap according to Red Bull, but the FIA may interpret this differently.

"I’m hearing that maybe when the certificates of compliance with the cost cap come out, we’re not going to have too many big surprises, but I think there will still be some areas of interpretation. And that’s what Christian Horner from Red Bull was talking about in Singapore. He was saying ‘look, like any new rules, there are some areas of clarification of interpretation’, a charge that Mercedes refuted", the Sky analyst says.

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