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Brundle understands reaction Verstappen: 'Still quite a temper'

Brundle understands reaction Verstappen: 'Still quite a temper'

4 October - 15:09 Last update: 15:37

Max Verstappen let Red Bull Racing know in no uncertain terms how he felt about having to abort his pole lap for the Singapore Grand Prix. Martin Brundle thinks there is something to be said for the Dutchman's reaction.

According to Brundle, Verstappen should have been in pole position, but the Dutchman had to abandon his final pole lap two corners before the finish to have enough fuel left for the mandatory technical checks. "Cue an extremely unhappy championship leader, and he let the team know in no uncertain terms," Brundle writes in his column for Sky Sports.

Brundle understands reaction Verstappen

"Barely underneath the surface of the calm and serene 2022 Max 2.0 is still quite a temper," Brundle continued. However, the British analyst believes there is something to be said for Verstappen's fierce reaction after the disappointment of qualifying.

"My take on that, as he heads to an inevitable second championship, is just how much pain a lost pole position and potential victory means to him despite his and the team's current dominance," the former Formula One driver explained.

For Verstappen, the weekend ended in disappointment, but for his teammate Sergio Perez it ended in triumph. Moreover, the Mexican managed to keep important points away from Charles Leclerc. Brundle, therefore, has something but praise for Perez's performance, which he calls "most impressive".

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