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Webber on Red Bull rumours: 'This is Abu Dhabi making a comeback'

Webber on Red Bull rumours: 'This is Abu Dhabi making a comeback'

04-10-2022 12:50 Last update: 13:41


Former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber has spoken out about rumours of Red Bull's failure to comply with the 2021 budget rules. In his analysis for Britain's Channel 4, the war of words between Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, in particular, gets his attention.

The rumour mill is running at full speed this week around whether Red Bull breached the budget cap last year or not. Nothing has been officially announced yet, yet team bosses of rivals Mercedes and Ferrari have already been critical. Wolff, in particular, did not exactly hold back. In response, Horner threatened to sue teams accusing Red Bull of breaking the rules without evidence.

It is not very surprising, judges Webber. The battle for the title was very tight last year, and Wolff and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner often attacked each other in the media. Even after the last race in Abu Dhabi, there was much discussion about how Max Verstappen won the title. The suggestion that Red Bull might have had another advantage that people didn't know about at the time is obviously something rival teams will then pounce on, reads the Australian's verdict. "This is Abu Dhabi rearing its head again."

Also important for next season

Webber, who drove for Red Bull himself until 2013, is also looking ahead. The FIA is expected to announce their verdict on Wednesday, so until then everything is just speculation, Webber agrees. But should Red Bull indeed have committed an offence, then the consequences will reverberate well beyond last season.

"Mr Horner is not happy, this is a big, big issue because it affects last year, this year, and possibly 2023 because the cars will be designed based on where your previous budget took you."

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