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For Porsche, it was Red Bull or nothing: 'F1 entry completely off the table'

For Porsche, it was Red Bull or nothing: 'F1 entry completely off the table'

3 October - 16:57 Last update: 18:51


Red Bull Racing and Porsche were due to team up from 2026, or so was the expectation for months. Eventually, the deal collapsed and it now seems that a Formula 1 entry of the German car brand is now off the table altogether. Indeed, more and more sources are reporting that Porsche will not join the king class of motorsport for the time being.

Last week, Auto, Motor und Sport already wrote that Porsche is not interested in Formula 1. Days after the Singapore Grand Prix, the German RTL certain that the company's board, led by CEO Oliver Blume, has drawn a line under participation in F1.

Porsche abandons opportunity

It was important for Porsche to be immediately competitive in Formula 1 in 2026. With Red Bull, it seemed to have found the right partner in this, but because Porsche wanted at least 50 per cent of the shares, but the team of Christian Horner and Helmut Marko did not see any point in this at all, the signatures were never put under the impending contract.

Porsche reportedly sees no alternatives that would allow it to be immediately successful at the highest level. If the Zuffenhausen-based carmaker still wants to compete in Formula 1 from 2026, it will have to register with the FIA by 15 October. If this deadline is not met, a next entry will only be possible a year later in 2027. So time is running out, although Porsche itself seems to be completely out of the running.

Audi does go to Formula 1

Audi, the other Volkswagen Group brand, already announced its entry into Formula 1 at the end of August. From 2026, it will most likely start supplying engines to the Sauber/Alfa Romeo team. Alfa Romeo will step down as title sponsor after 2023 and the intention is that from 2024, Audi's name will appear on the bolides for several years.

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