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'Red Bull owner Mateschitz is seriously ill, Marko won't say anything'

'Red Bull owner Mateschitz is seriously ill, Marko won't say anything'

3 October - 16:27 Last update: 18:51

Olav Mol suddenly broke the news a month ago that Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz might be seriously ill. It remained quiet for some time after that, but concerns about Mateschitz seem to be well-founded. Also, RTL reports after the Singapore Grand Prix that the 78-year-old Austrian is seriously ill.

The German medium says the news has also been confirmed by sources from well-informed journalists in Austria. Mateschitz was reportedly recently invited to watch the DTM race at the Red Bull Ring (his own circuit). He declined this invitation. Red Bull revealed in a statement, "as you know, it has always been important for Mr Mateschitz to keep his private life out of publicity. In that respect, nothing has changed."

Marko also won't say anything

RTL asked Helmut Marko about Mateschitz's health situation last weekend at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The Red Bull Racing adviser replied briefly but firmly: "No comment, this is a private matter, we don't comment on it." There was also no answer when asked if the billionaire has since improved.

Mateschitz is always somewhat in the background and never really enters the public eye. For instance, the management of the Red Bull Racing team is entirely in the hands of Christian Horner and Helmut Marko and he does not interfere in the operational side of the organisation. Nevertheless, Mateschitz is a very important pawn. Even in the years when things were going badly for Red Bull, he continued to pump money into the team, eventually resulting in Max Verstappen's world title in 2021.

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