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Timetable | The Japanese Grand Prix requires an early alarm clock in Europe

Timetable | The Japanese Grand Prix requires an early alarm clock in Europe

03-10-2022 08:30 Last update: 16:16

The Japanese Grand Prix is the next race on the 2022 F1 calendar and it follows just a week after the Singapore GP. The time difference and a 'normal' start time does make it an early affair for European fans. Find out what time and where to turn on for the Japanese GP here.

After a two-year absence, Formula 1 will return to Japan in 2022. In the land of the rising sun, they love F1, so there was great sadness that there could be no big celebration when the national pride (Honda) started winning races. In 2022, Honda will officially no longer be part of F1, but it does not feel that way to many.

Unique opportunity for Verstappen

Indeed,Max Verstappen is hoping to win his second world title in Japan with Red Bull Racing, which still has an original Honda engine in the back of the car. The name is now Red Bull Powertrains, but the concept is still owned by the Japanese manufacturer. So for Verstappen and Red Bull to win in Japan would be very special.

In Japan, the race weekend will again be held in the afternoon hours, not helping European fans as in Singapore. Due to the seven-hour time difference, the first free practice starts at 04:00 UK time on Friday 7 October. Second free practice and qualifying start at 07:00 and the race starts an hour earlier, at 06:00 UK time on Sunday 9 October.

Timetable for the Japanese Grand Prix 2022 [UK times]


First free practice: 04:00-05:00

Second free practice: 07:00-08:30


Third free practice: 04:00-05:00

Qualifying: 07:00-08:00


Race: 06:00-08:00