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Criticism towards FIA in Singapore: Drivers should be asking questions

Criticism towards FIA in Singapore: "Drivers should be asking questions"

02-10-2022 17:41

Sergio Perez won the Singapore Grand Prix in testing conditions. The heat and humidity also provide the Formula 1 drivers with a physical challenge in Singapore, but in 2022 the drivers also had to deal with wet conditions. However, as the track dried, the FIA didn't allow the use of DRS. 

Criticism towards the FIA

The drivers switched to the dry tyres after the midway point in the race as a dry line started to emerge on the circuit. Whilst Charles Leclerc was attacking Sergio Perez for the lead, he wasn't able to use DRS initially. And the rest of the field saw very limited overtaking. 

Sky Sports pundit and former F1 driver Paul di Resta believe the drivers should be asking questions about why the DRS wasn't switched on earlier in the race.

"Even in qualifying DRS should've been open. Even with intermediates, you can use DRS I think. These cars have so much downforce, it helps racing we saw in Imola. The drivers should be asking questions at the next briefing. It's clear we need it in F1 to help overtaking in F1 at the moment, so use it," Di Resta said on Sky Sports.

Balanced view

Race winner Perez had to go to the stewards after the race because of an incident with the safety car. Di Resta went on to say this should've been sorted in the race already rather than waiting on tenterhooks. His fear was that the podium celebrations would all become null and void rather quickly. The Brit said any penalty would be harsh, however, fellow pundit Naomi Schiff believed rules should be enforced. 

"It would be a real shame, but at the end of the day sometimes we complain when they don't enforce the rules. This is a rule and they have to enforce it. Either way if it is a five-second penalty, it won't harm him," she added.

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