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Marko doesn't think Perez loses win: 'It's only one foul'

Marko doesn't think Perez loses win: 'It's only one foul'

2 October - 17:15

Helmut Marko is confident the win will not be taken away from Sergio Perez. According to Red Bull Racing's top man, his driver can get a maximum of one five-second penalty. That would be enough, as the difference with Charles Leclerc was more than seven seconds at the end of the race.

"We don't know exactly ourselves, but it is only one offence, so maximum five-second penalty," Marko is quoted by . Perez was whispered to by his race engineer that he needed to increase the gap towards Leclerc to more than five seconds and he eventually managed to do so. "At the end, Leclerc couldn't keep pace. A fantastic race by Checo! Unbelievable, no mistakes. And that while the pressure from Ferrari was huge." 

According to Marko, Perez's great start was the key to success at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. " He had a lightning start, which brought him victory," the consultant said. Max Verstappen, on the other hand, got off very badly. "He was in the wrong mode and so it was difficult. The car almost stopped completely. That can happen. But the whole weekend was already not going well for Max. Not a birthday present for him."

Ferrari wants Leclerc to get win

At Ferrari, however, they expect Perez to get a five-second time penalty twice. The Mexican committed two fouls in Mattia Binotto 's eyes, which means he should also get two penalties. Perez has since been to the stewards to explain and so a result is expected in not too long time.

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