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Horner praises Red Bull: That's what we do, you saw that today

Horner praises Red Bull: "That's what we do, you saw that today"

2 October - 17:00


Christian Horner complimented everyone within Red Bull Racing after the race. He thinks it is fantastic to see where Red Bull currently stands and he is incredibly grateful to all employees. Horner promises that the entire formation will continue to give everything until the end of the season. 

At Sky Sports , Horner is once again asked about the fuss over whether or not the budget cap has been exceeded. After the Singapore Grand Prix, the Red Bull Racing team boss kept his cool. "The better you do, the sharper the knives are sharpened. That happens in this business, that's just the way it is," he says.

Horner proud of Red Bull 

Horner is especially proud that his team shows every weekend that they are among the absolute best. "This team is a phenomenal team. It's the best team in the pit lane, but it's not just what you see here, it's all the men and women in Milton Keynes doing a great job. We are incredibly proud of what is being achieved, this year could well be our best year in Formula 1."

The two world titles can hardly slip away from Red Bull, yet the Austrian formation wants to keep delivering time and again. "We will continue to push and fight for everything. It would be great for us to take home both championships. We have Austin, Mexico, they are all great races. We are really looking forward to returning to Japan. Yes, we are a maverick [as a non-car brand]. We push the limits, push hard and race hard. But we are a team of racers. That's what we do. You saw that today," Horner concluded.

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