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Rosberg sees Verstappen heading for records: 'Like Senna and Schumacher'

Rosberg sees Verstappen heading for records: 'Like Senna and Schumacher'

01-10-2022 20:52 Last update: 23:33

Formula 1 is back in Singapore for a race won by only four different drivers since 2008. They include Nico Rosberg, who won the Grand Prix in 2016. Rosberg sees Max Verstappen doing great things in the future and even thinks he could well move towards his former teammate Lewis Hamilton's records.

As far as Rosberg is concerned, two drivers stand out this season: Verstappen and Hamilton. "If Max stays in this form and if Red Bull Racing's car remains this fast, then it is not out of the question for me that Max will come close to Lewis' records," the former Mercedes driver told Press Association.

Rosberg compares Verstappen to Senna and Schumacher

He continued: "Max has ironed out all the mistakes he made in the early years of his career. He has taken out a bit of aggressiveness. The same was true earlier in the careers of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher." Rosberg says he therefore cannot wait to see how this decade unfolds.

That Verstappen stands out from the rest this year is a bit of an open door, but how does Rosberg see his former teammate standing out? According to the 37-year-old German, it is in his motivation. "With all his successes, he can sit back and say - what do I care? But no: he is fully committed to his work because he is driven by thoughts of winning that eighth title," Rosberg said.