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'Alleged infringement Red Bull is about 10 million dollars'

'Alleged infringement Red Bull is about 10 million dollars'

01-10-2022 20:04 Last update: 23:31


Red Bull Racing's alleged violation of the budget ceiling is keeping tempers pretty high in the Formula 1 paddock. While even the FIA is calling for people to stay away from speculation, the rumour mill is in full swing. Meanwhile, the team bosses of Ferrari and Mercedes are gathering and demanding harsh measures if Red Bull is indeed found to have exceeded the budget ceiling.

Binotto and Wolff pack together

Mattia Binotto and Toto Wolff were talking to each other for an hour prior to the first free practice for the Singapore Grand Prix. Presumably with Red Bull's alleged foul as the topic of conversation, according to Auto, Motor und Sport report. Despite the fact that nothing is officially known yet and Red Bull denies all allegations, the other F1 teams already seem to be drawing their own conclusions.

Whereas initial rumours suggested a violation of more than $5 million, this has since risen to $10 million. Where these figures came from is not clear, however, and Red Bull is reportedly considering legal action due to the 'defamatory statements' made by rival teams.

The FIA will announce the conclusions from the investigation ahead of the Japan GP. Whatever the outcome will be, according to AMUS, Ferrari and Mercedes are said to be concerned that the actual amounts will be swept under the carpet so that the FIA does not have to hand out punishments that might affect the outcome of the 2021 championship.