Alonso admits he made the decision to go on drys for Q3

Alonso admits he made the decision to go on drys for Q3

1 October - 16:43

Oli Lewis

Fernando Alonso managed to place his Alpine in P5 in Singapore as he completes qualifying as the best of the midfield cars. The former two-time world champion admitted to difficulties around the tyre choice within the changing conditions, but when the decision was finally made he admits he was happy with the result.

"I am happy!" Alonso starts when talking to Sky Sports post qualifying, "On dry or wet conditions we would never have been top 5 but we maximized the conditions & took advantage. It was very challenging. Borderline to be enjoyable because it was so tricky to guess the grip on track" continued to Spaniard.

Tyres in Q3

Alonso quickly swapped to talk about the tyre situation and let us into what he was thinking "It was a brave move to switch to those by everybody and guess the grip levels.... It was the most challenging qualifying of the year.". A sentiment that many of the other drivers around the grid seem to be in agreement with.

Alonso put his years of experience to use but also realises he can still learn from others as he admits that "In Q3, it was more me (the took the decision to go to slicks) but 50/50 then we saw the first there cars leaving the pits on slicks and it was clear and that helped the decision." 

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