Lando Norris still not happy with new McLaren upgrades


1 October at 16:23

Lando Norris did well to put his Mclaren in P6 ahead of tomorrow's Singapore Grandprix, although he admits that the conditions the session took place under were an aid rather than a hindrance.

When speaking to Sky Sports post qualifying Norris revealed all about how he felt inside the car by saying this. "Not an easy session specially the slicks. Slicks on the wet patches isn't a nice feeling inside the car, but it is rewarding." although he is also the first to admit that under different conditions the same result would have not been possible "if it was completely dry or completely wet - we would have been further back."

2023 McLaren

Yet the Brit managed to power through the tricky conditions in the Lion City to power through to a "Great Day" although he says that he isn't as comfortable with the new upgrades on the car as it seems "It's a different handling car in a way that I don't like", although in the same interview he highlighted the upgrades are for a bigger package for next year rather than this weekend, meaning the car could come back to him once said and done.