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Verstappen defends his team: 'But it's never acceptable'

Verstappen defends his team: 'But it's never acceptable'

1 October - 16:08


Max Verstappen will have to start Sunday's race in Singapore from eighth position. The Dutchman was fast on his way to securing pole position, but he had to abort his lap due to insufficient fuel in his car. Speaking to Sky Sports, he nevertheless defended his team.

Verstappen could hardly believe it when he heard over the board radio that his team told him to drive in on his last lap. " They said on the last lap that I had to box in and I realised it was going to happen: we were running out of fuel," he says.

However, it does not mean he wants to burn his team down too much, he stresses in the same interview. "At the moment, I know it's a team effort. I can make mistakes and the team can make mistakes, but it is never acceptable. However, you learn from it."

Frustration at peak for Verstappen

However, Verstappen is not looking forward much to the remainder of the race weekend. He realises that it will not be easy to overtake his predecessors on Sunday and therefore fears he will not make up many places. "I'm super frustrated about what happened," he said.

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