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Verstappen disappointed: 'At the moment I don't feel like it'

Verstappen disappointed: 'At the moment I don't feel like it'

01-10-2022 15:35


Max Verstappen seemed to be fast on his way to pole position in qualifying in Singapore but suddenly had to abort his lap when he was told by his team that there was too little fuel in the car. Afterwards, the Dutchman was full of incomprehension towards his team Viaplay.

The world championship leader certainly did not hide his feelings. " It's completely shitty, of course," he commented. "You fill the car for five laps and you want to do six laps. That logic is obviously not right. I just keep finishing that lap before that."

Verstappen has little hope for race

Whereas in theory, he could already make his second world title final this weekend, he will seemingly struggle to finish on the podium at all in Singapore. After all, the street circuit is not known for being easy to overtake, Verstappen also knows.

"Here in Singapore, it's really going to be a tricky story. It's hot and everything gets hot when you drive behind another car. Tyres get hot. I think I need to go back to the hotel and unwind because at the moment I don't feel like it."

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