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Does Verstappen deserve world title? 'Fans also want best driver to win'

Does Verstappen deserve world title? 'Fans also want best driver to win'

1 October - 14:11 Last update: 15:06


Formula 1 teams faced new regulations at the start of the season that were supposed to ensure there would be more excitement on the track. Max Verstappen, however, seems set to easily capture the world title, prompting criticism of the policy. According to Jost Capito, the current circumstances are understandable.

The Williams team boss believes it is unavoidable that some teams in a sport are the best. Therefore, if Verstappen manages to win the World Championship in the coming race weekends, he believes this is justified.

"In sport, the best must triumph. Even if the athlete or team in question always and everywhere wins. That is part of top sport," is how he analyses the situation, speaking with NOS. He takes his period in the World Rally Championship as an example, during which he and Volkswagen were also criticised for team supremacy.

"The fans also want the best driver to win. Compare it to the Olympics. For many, the 100 metres is the favourite title race. Even if they already know beforehand who is going to win. Surely you are not going to ask the favourite athlete to complete 110 metres or run a bit on the grass? Punish the best in the field? End of discussion."

Verstappen world title gets closer

Verstappen can take victory as early as this weekend in Singapore. To do so, however, the reigning World Champion must not only take victory, but Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez must also not get beyond ninth and fourth place respectively.

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