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Red Bull wanted to properly set up car in FP3 : 'Now we can only gamle'

Red Bull wanted to properly set up car in FP3 : 'Now we can only gamle'

01-10-2022 12:34 Last update: 14:52


Red Bull Racing is not happy with the rain at the Marina Bay circuit. Max Verstappen barely got into action during Friday's second free practice session following problems with his RB18, which prevented the Dutchman from testing his set-up. Helmut Marko stresses that the team can only gamble now.

On the Friday before the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull discovered a problem with Verstappen's front suspension compound. As a result, the Dutchman only drove a few laps in FP2, while that practice session is the most representative of race conditions.

The drivers were only in action for 30 minutes in FP3 due to the wet conditions. Due to the rain, Verstappen was unable to test his new set-up. "We don't know with Max whether the set-up from the simulator works in reality," Marko told ORF.

Marko: 'We can only guess now'

"Our plan would have been to set up the car properly now [in FP3], which we didn't manage yesterday. Now we can only gamble," the Red Bull advisor continued. Now Verstappen goes into qualifying and the race blind. It is possible the track is still wet during qualifying.

Sergio Perez also struggled with problems on Friday. The Mexican drove few laps as a result, but at least the problems in both cars now seem to be solved. "With Max, the cause was relatively easy to find. With Perez, there was a problem with the engine mapping. That was due to the high humidity. We'll see if that's gone no," the Austrian ended.

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