Raikkonen draws comparison between Monaco and Canada

12-06-2018 08:33
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Raikkonen draws comparison between Monaco and Canada

Ferrari veteran Kimi Raikkonen has drawn comparisons between last weekend's Canadian Grand Prix and the one before that in Monaco, as the Fin thinks that both races were "boring".

Raikkonen messed up his second qualifying run in Q3 by going onto the grass, which is why he had to settle for P5. Daniel Ricciardo overtook him in the first lap as well, and he was quite invisible for the rest of the race.

"It was surprising, because we thought that we would see a lot of action and overtaking in Canada," Raikkonen told a scrum of reporters after the race.

"Instead, we got a repetition of Monaco and it was a boring race."

Raikkonen knows where he messed things up at the weekend - not during the race, but on Saturday.

"Because of the mistake in qualifying we had a bad vantage point and that didn't become any better during the race.

"I struggled to get into DRS-range of Hamilton.

"We tried a different tactic but that didn't work either."

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