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Horner hits back: 'Disappointing that allegations are made against us'

Horner hits back: 'Disappointing that allegations are made against us'

01-10-2022 11:39 Last update: 14:37


Red Bull Racing is under fire after rumours surfaced that the team have exceeded the 2021 budget cap. Several team bosses, including Toto Wolff, have let it be known that they hope for hard measures from the FIA. Christian Horner is disappointed that his team and employees are being seriously accused.

News emerged on Friday morning that two teams might have exceeded the budget cap limit. These teams would be Red Bull and Aston Martin. The teams themselves deny the rumour. More news is expected from the FIA next Wednesday.

Wolff reacted to Horner's statements with surprise on Friday. The Red Bull team boss said he was not aware of any possible punishment. According to the Briton, the news was therefore nothing more than a rumour, but Wolff said the matter had been under investigation "for weeks and months".

Horner counters Wolff

Speaking to Sky Sports, Horner responded to Wolff's surprise that the Red Bull team boss does not expect fireworks. According to Horner, the investigation has not been going on for months. "That is complete rubbish. We heard from the FIA 10 days ago, asking some questions for clarifications as you would do in a standard audit. I don't think that's a six month investigation. Most of the time we've had visits they've been on route from Brackley."

Horner continued: "It's disappointing to have these serious allegations made against the team and the people. When I hear Mercedes took the pain of making 40 redundancies, that's less than 50% of the redundancies and pain that we've been through at Red Bull Racing. I was pleased to see the FIA come out and say they are in their process and no results have been provided. Let's follow that process and see where we end up."

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