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Seidl questions recruitment of top people despite budget cap

Seidl questions recruitment of top people despite budget cap

1 October - 09:25 Last update: 11:20


Andreas Seidl finds it remarkable that two teams, which he does not name, have recently been able to attract top people despite the budget cap, he told media present at the press conference ahead of the third free practice session. With "very high salaries and benefits", these top people are said to be attached to the two teams. Although the German team boss did not name names, reassurances were buzzing that this would involve Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin.

Christian Horner is furious by the allegations, both because of the rumours themselves and the timing. This weekend, Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen could clinch his second world title, and Horner believes that should be the topic of conversation, not alleged overruns of the 2021 budget cap.

Red Bull lays off 90 staff

The team boss revealed that Red Bull Racing has had to lay off 90 people and that they are very strict on cost control. He describes his team as transparent and finds it extraordinary that teams that have no insight into submissions are still making claims. According to Horner, the submission was strictly confidential and so other teams would not be able to make any statements about it.

The FIA is examining entries from all teams and will present its findings in the near future.

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