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Ricciardo instructs McLaren: 'Try to find'

Ricciardo instructs McLaren: 'Try to find'

30-09-2022 18:32 Last update: 20:26


Daniel Ricciardo was hoping to achieve a good result with McLaren in Singapore, but early signs are not there. The Australian set 12th fastest time in the first practice session, before finishing 18th in the second. Speaking to Sky Sports afterwards, he was therefore very disappointed with the situation, although at the same time he remained calm.

"We’re obviously quite slow and struggling quite a lot, especially tonight," Ricciardo concluded. "So, we’ve got some work ahead of us. We’ll try to make the best of what we’ve got, but certainly it was a tricky afternoon session."

Ricciardo hopes for changes to McLaren car

Looking at the performance of Lando Norris, it seems McLaren faces a difficult weekend where it has to fight for points. Should Ricciardo succeed in this on Sunday, it will be for the first time since the GP of France which took place at the end of July.

"We’ll see what happens tomorrow, it’s hard to know now but I think we’ll definitely make changes on the car, try to find a bit more comfort and speed in it and go from there."