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Rain and thunderstorms during Singapore Grand Prix weekend

Rain and thunderstorms during Singapore Grand Prix weekend

30 September - 09:36

Rain could well play a major role during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend. According to rain and thunderstorms are planned.

After a two-year absence, the Singapore Grand Prix is back on the 2022 F1 calendar. The Marina Bay Street Circuit is loved by many drivers because it is quite challenging. The street circuit is fast, but also extremely tight. So you have to be very precise as a driver, especially if it were to rain.

Rain in Singapore

According to, there is a good chance of rain in Singapore during the three days of F1 drivers' action. On Friday, the chance of rain is 51 per cent. Besides rain, there is also a chance of thunderstorms. These are also expected on Saturday. During the day it is 31 degrees in Singapore, but thunderstorms and a 75 per cent chance of rain could make qualifying quite a challenge.

Rain chances are highest for Sunday's Grand Prix. In fact, the medium predicts an 80 per cent chance of rain. The temperature also drops to 29 degrees on the day of the race and, like the days before, thunderstorms are also expected on Sunday. How this will affect the race weekend will be interesting to see.

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