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Verstappen has an advantage: 'With Leclerc, we have yet to see'

Verstappen has an advantage: 'With Leclerc, we have yet to see'

30-09-2022 08:20 Last update: 08:31

Verstappen has developed into the best driver in Formula 1, according to Frans Tost, and seems on track to win his second world title. With those titles in his pocket, he has a big advantage over the competition.

Advantage compared to Leclerc

Verstappen can clinch his second world title in Singapore. If Verstappen wins and the results of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez are disappointing, the Dutchman could prolong his title as early as Singapore. However, it is more likely that the celebration will be postponed for a week until the Japanese Grand Prix.

The first world title was already changing Verstappen's mind. The Red Bull Racing driver was able to start enjoying himself more, which made him seem more relaxed. That will not diminish with his second title, according to Tost.

''Verstappen will soon have two titles in his pocket. That gives self-confidence. A big difference from rival Charles Leclerc, who still has zero. Max will be relaxed in another title fight, with Charles we have yet to see that,'' said the AlphaTauri team boss at the NOS.

Verstappen is maturing

According to Tost, Verstappen has matured and is also a lot calmer on the track. Whereas in the past he sometimes wanted to peak too early and was too aggressive, he is now more patient, according to the Austrian. ''His overtaking races in Belgium and Hungary are illustrative. He knows exactly what he is doing, knows his car inside out and does not take unnecessary risks. Those were masterclasses.''

However, Tost has long since stopped surprising. In 2015, the 17-year-old Dutchman was the youngest ever to be put into F1 by Red Bull without having a driving licence. ''We already saw the natural talent in 2014. That's why we hung with him. Max lives up to it all,'' concluded the 66-year-old team boss.

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