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Marko: Singapore is a great place for a party

Marko: "Singapore is a great place for a party"

29-09-2022 18:20 Last update: 18:57


While Helmut Marko says Singapore is a great place for a party, he does not think there will be a celebration for Verstappen's second world title. But the Dutchman's birthday could be celebrated there.

Tomorrow, the first day of the Singapore GP weekend is Max Verstappen's birthday. On the weekend when he turns 25, the Red Bull Racing driver also has the chance to take his second F1 title. Verstappen himself indicated that his first real chance at the title will not be until Japan, but it may happen in Singapore already. Indeed, a DNF of Charles Leclerc would make it a plausible scenario.

Marko not planning to celebrate world title in Singapore too

Team consultant Dr Helmut Marko also thinks the party for Verstappen's second title should probably go to Japan. Speaking to the Austrian OE24.at he says: "That is more likely and then our partner Honda will also be happy. Although, I did say that Singapore is a good place for a party. We'll use that to celebrate Max's birthday then. But only after the race"

As Verstappen is still under contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028, the collaboration between the team and the Dutchman could lead to many records. Not wanting to get ahead of himself, Marko says: "A season like this is almost impossible to repeat. If Mercedes comes back next year with a competitive car, it will be very different again."

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