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Vettel announces mysterious project: "Exciting, isn't it?"

29 September at 17:53
Last update 29 September at 18:56
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Sebastian Vettel has posted a cryptic message on Instagram. The Aston Martin driver seems to be hinting that a big announcement is coming soon.

Vettel announces mysterious project

Vettel posted something on Instagram only once before, and that was the message announcing his retirement. His second message posted on Instagram was a 50-second video showing old footage of the four-time world champion. In the fifty seconds, we quickly go through his racing career from when the German was about four years old till roughly his debut in F1.

During the press conference ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, Vettel was also asked about the cryptic message, but there the German would not reveal anything yet: "Exciting, isn't it? You'll see for yourself. I'm not a good actor. You automatically see what comes next." So it remains guesswork as to what is to come. However, the message does read 'Coming soon' indicating that we won't have to wait long. Finally, the Aston Martin driver wrote 'There is still a race to win' as a hashtag accompanying the video. Possibly, Vettel is unveiling something he will use to fight against climate change in the coming years.

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