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Sainz: 'We can bring the fight'

Sainz: 'We can bring the fight'

29-09-2022 13:44 Last update: 14:20


Carlos Sainz sees good chances for Ferrari in Singapore. During the pre-race press conference, the Spaniard told Sky Sports and others that he will go into the race in good spirits.

At the start of the season, it still looked like the battle this year would be between Ferrari and Red Bull, but that soon proved not to be the case. In total, Ferrari has only managed to win four races this season, and overtaking Red Bull seems almost an impossible task at this point. Verstappen could take his second world title as early as this weekend. Meanwhile, Ferrari's team has to look further and further back, where Mercedes is slowly but surely closing in. Yet Sainz is not letting up just yet.

The Spaniard himself has already been eliminated for the title, but his teammate Charles Leclerc still stands a chance and the team as a whole can theoretically still overtake Red Bull. Sainz faces his team's first chance to strike back this weekend at the Singapore street circuit.

"I think we can put up a fight. Especially in qualifying. On this track, you have a very good chance of winning if you start at the front. We will give everything. We are more worried about winning than Mercedes. If we win, the Mercedes fight is also solved immediately. We have to go back to how we were in Monza when we had the right speed. We just have to focus on beating Red Bull, and then we can fight out the championship with that."