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Verstappen and co. warned: 'It's almost like a totally new race'

Verstappen and co. warned: 'It's almost like a totally new race'

28 September - 12:01 Last update: 16:46


The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the toughest races on the Formula 1 calendar. The challenging circuit demands a lot from the drivers in the hot and humid weather conditions. Pirelli boss Mario Isola warns drivers in advance, saying the circuit will feel very different from three years ago.

For the first time since 2019, the Singapore GP will be run again. Pirelli has made the three softest compounds available to the drivers. Not only will the 18-inch tyres provide a new challenge this year, but also the track itself. Indeed, new asphalt has been laid on the Marina Bay street circuit.

Isola warns the drivers, as the conditions mean the race will be experienced almost as 'new' after a two-year absence. "With 18-inch tyres that have a completely different compound and structure compared to the ones used three years ago – as well as new asphalt this year – it’s almost like a totally new race", the Pirelli boss begins on the website of the tyre supplier.

Challenging race for Verstappen and co.

Finding the right set-up and managing the tyres will also be a challenge for the drivers. At Singapore's circuit, with many slow corners, it is all about maximising traction, Isola stresses.

"We’ve got the three softest compounds for maximum speed and grip but looking after the rear tyres in order to ensure the drive needed will be key. With the tendency of the latest cars to understeer, it will be even more important to find the right set-up balance to ensure a strong front end without compromising acceleration at the rear", says the Italian.

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