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Norris should take charge in 2023: 'That's a first'

Norris should take charge in 2023: 'That's a first'

27 September - 08:30 Last update: 08:52


Lando Norris looks ahead to 2023 in which he will have to take the lead at McLaren as Oscar Piastri's teammate. He will also become the oldest driver in his team for the first time, but according to the Briton, that does not create any additional responsibility.

Experience of Norris

Norris is in his fourth season in Formula 1, but in 2023, the 22-year-old driver will have to step up. Whereas he was always the younger and less experienced driver alongside Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo, with Piastri he will have a teammate in 2023 who is younger and less experienced. So Norris will have to take the lead but does not feel that is an extra responsibility.

''I think there is almost a lot of responsibility no matter what period of time you're in. I guess being a slightly more experienced driver there is an extra bit where you can refer back to previous years and previous cars and know the strengths and weaknesses. Using reference points is almost a good thing for a team because they know we should avoid this because it was bad last time," Norris said in an interview with Sky Sports.

Working with Piastri

''at a time where we are still trying to develop massively, all comments are good. I guess we're different drivers, I don't know Oscar that well. We have spoken every now and then, and welcomed him to the team. But I don't even know what his driving style is. Having two different drivers, everyone will have a comment and an impact."

When asked if Norris is looking forward to being the oldest in the team, he laughed: ''I wouldn't say it makes me nervous or anything. I think it will be the first time I'll be the oldest in my team."

Together with Piastri, Norris should ensure McLaren starts climbing the Formula 1 ladder again. In 2022, the team has slipped somewhat behind Alpine in fifth position. With two young drivers at the wheel, the Woking-based team hopes to find its way back up to relive its glory days.

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