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Ralf Schumacher sure of nephew's F1 future: 'Hulkenberg not an option'

Ralf Schumacher sure of nephew's F1 future: 'Hulkenberg not an option'

26-09-2022 17:01 Last update: 17:08


Former F1 driver and brother of the great Michael Schumacher, Ralf Schumacher, is confident that his nephew Mick Schumacher will still be driving in F1 next year. Haas F1 should not opt for a return of Nico Hulkenberg according to the German analyst.

'Hulkenberg is not really an option for Haas'

Young Schumacher's future in Formula 1 seems increasingly uncertain. In August, there were rumours that his contract would not be renewed and last week it also became clear that the Ferrari deal the German has and which has assured him an F1 seat for the past few years is expiring. His uncle, an analyst for Germany's Sky, is jumping on the bandwagon for him and thinks Haas would do no good to sideline Schumacher.

In a video from Formel1.de Schumacher says Haas should not opt for Hulkenberg's return. While the German says he does not have anything against his compatriot, he does think Hulkenberg is not a good option. The key word according to Schumacher is: 'potential'. Hulkenberg, who is twelve years older than the current Haas driver, would be virtually out of the game and would not be able to grow as much.

Schumacher sure of F1 future Mick

Schumacher: "The line is definitely pointing in the right direction for him [Mick Schumacher] now. I think any team boss who doesn't have Mick on his list is making a big mistake. If I was a team owner, there would be no doubt who I would take when I look at the driver market." The silly season continues inexorably and the F1 grid is in danger of becoming full. Ralf Schumacher thinks his nephew also has a chance of getting the seat at Alpine and Williams, although the German currently sees Pierre Gasly as favourite for the Alpine seat. Schumacher rules out F2 driver Jack Doohan for a place at the team.

Schumacher finally concludes, "I am sure Mick will still be driving in Formula 1 next year. It is one of his greatest strengths; I have noticed that he always remains calm. Even now, when the pressure on him is very high. He has handled it very well."

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