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Does Russell still hope for victory? 'That circuit may suit Mercedes best'

Does Russell still hope for victory? 'That circuit may suit Mercedes best'

25 September - 17:50 Last update: 18:01


Mercedes has been on the podium more often in the current Formula 1 season than seemed possible given the W13's disappointing performance, but a win has not been in the cards so far. George Russell points to where he thinks his team has the greatest chance of changing that.

Can Mercedes still win this year?

With six races to go, time is running out for the German racing stable. Russell doubts a win is in the cards this year but does point out the circuits where he thinks Mercedes could come on strong. "Singapore could be interesting, but historically it’s a circuit where Mercedes have struggled a little bit, and we know at street circuits this year we haven’t fared so well," he says in conversation with Formula1.com.

If he really has to make a prediction then, Russell thinks the United States Grand Prix might offer the best chances. "I’d probably say maybe Austin; I think Austin could be a circuit that suits us better – but I truly don’t know," the Mercedes driver says honestly.

As such, he is not so concerned with that possible first win of 2022. The focus at Mercedes has shifted to next year, in which the team hopes to battle Red Bull Racing and Ferrari in the championship. "I think as a team we’re making a huge amount of progress at the moment and [we’re] understanding the car more and more. Hopefully, as we develop the car further, we can take some further gains," Russell said.

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