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Binotto on Tsunoda comment: 'bad joke'

Binotto on Tsunoda comment: 'bad joke'

22 September - 14:08 Last update: 18:46


Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has apologised for a remark about Yuki Tsunoda. The Italian referred to the AlphaTauri driver as "a tsunami", but that did not go down well.

At the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, Yuki Tsunoda had to stop his car after 47 laps due to technical problems, leading to a virtual safety car. Tsunoda expressed great frustration over the board radio about the situation. In an interview after the race, Binotto jokingly referred to Tsunoda as "a tsunami", but that was not universally taken as a joke.

Binotto goes through the dust

Especially in Japan - Tsunoda's home country - this was taken poorly. Japan is ravaged by tsunamis every year, the worst of which occurred in 2011 and caused over 1,600 casualties. When it was pointed out to Binotto that his remark had caused a stir in Japan, he immediately apologised for it.

"Certainly I need to apologise," Binotto stated. "It was a mistake to use that word. I had no intention to do anything wrong and I sympathise with all the victims. I think Tsunoda is a fantastic driver and a fine man. We've got a good relationship. That was simply how we call him sometimes. It's a simple joke, but a bad joke."

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