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McLaren sees problem: 'This is causing additional costs'

McLaren sees problem: 'This is causing additional costs'

22 September - 13:23 Last update: 16:28


McLaren fears that the current budget cap is going to cause problems for several Formula 1 teams. Indeed, Executive Racing Director Andrea Stella sees that costs have risen significantly over the past few months, he says on McLaren's official website.

"I think it is also worth speaking about in the context of inflation," Stella says. "For instance, the freight and shipping parts around the world are included in the cap. Currently, this is causing additional costs and an extra challenge for all parties in F1."

Stella, therefore, hopes that towards the end of the season, the FIA will allow the current rules to be scrutinised. The organisation previously took action by introducing an inflation surcharge to compensate for higher costs, but according to Stella, this is still not enough.

Budget cap also creates positives

Despite the challenges, Stella also sees that the budget cap is creating creativity within Formula 1. It forced McLaren in 2022 to re-examine all costs and choose the ways that were most efficient. However, Stella believes the FIA should not lose sight of reality.

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