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Sauber hints at announcement of deal with Audi for Singapore GP

Sauber hints at announcement of deal with Audi for Singapore GP

22 September - 10:56 Last update: 13:03


Sauber seems to be coming up with a major announcement. On the Formula One team's Twitter channel, it hints at a historic announcement.

Alfa Romeo and Sauber previously announced that the partnership between the two parties will end at the end of 2023. It is no secret that Audi will take over that role from 2024 and may also gain major control within the Swiss team. The German manufacturer previously announced that it will make its entry into F1 as an engine supplier from 2026 and that it would later announce which team it would partner with.

Announcement from Audi

On their Twitter channel, Formula 1 team Alfa Romeo is now hinting at that announcement. ''Announcement coming soon,'' the social media account reads. In the caption and also in the picture, the date follows: 27 September 2022. This would be the Tuesday before the Singapore Grand Prix.

While the announcement could obviously be about anything, the hashtag seems to indicate the announcement of the partnership with Audi. Indeed, the hashtag #KeepMakingHistory does not really indicate a simple announcement of a driver or a new car.

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