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Red Bull works on capacity and could soon supply engines to four teams

Red Bull works on capacity and could soon supply engines to four teams

20-09-2022 14:03 Last update: 15:54


Christian Horner reveals that Red Bull Racing's new facility, Red Bull Powertrains, is fully operational. Its capacity is so large that it could in principle supply four teams with engines.

Since 2022, Red Bull no longer needs an engine partner, as Red Bull Powertrains is fully operational. Nevertheless, talks with big names in motorsport such as Porsche and Honda are always ongoing. To reduce the cost of expensive engines, the team could supply engines to two more teams besides Red Bull and AlphaTauri.

Capacity for four teams

"The way we’re structured, we have the capability, within the facility of producing engines up to four teams. But that certainly won’t be the initial goal. The initial plan is to obviously supply the two Red Bull-owned teams," Horner said in a conversation with Crash.net about the 2026 engines.

Currently, Red Bull is still feeling the financial pain of the engine project, but Horner says this should be a lot more bearable by 2026. "So the cost cap was fundamental to becoming a new entrant," says the Briton.

Making deals to give juniors a chance

Should Red Bull start supplying engines to multiple teams from 2026, they can make deals in this. Currently, Red Bull has five junior drivers driving Formula 2. For example, Red Bull can offer a discount on engines if a team agrees to give a Red Bull junior a seat, just as Ferrari had a deal with Haas over Mick Schumacher.