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'Spanish GP moves to Jarama after makeover inspired by Zandvoort'

'Spanish GP moves to Jarama after makeover inspired by Zandvoort'

20-09-2022 12:28 Last update: 15:48


The Spanish Grand Prix could just move from Barcelona to Madrid in the next few years. Indeed, the Spanish capital wants to bring the F1 circus to the Jarama circuit. The facilities would still need to be upgraded for this, though, and the circuit takes inspiration from Zandvoort.

From Barcelona to Madrid

Jarama could become the new home for Formula 1 in Spain from 2026. The current contract with Circuit de Catalunya expires in that year and after that, the circus could move to Jarama, the Spanish medium confirms MARCA. Circuit owner RACE, the Autonomous Community of Madrid and F1 met during the Belgian GP and all parties agreed on a goal to race at Jarama in 2026.

Before it gets there, Jarama still needs to be rebuilt. For this, it takes inspiration from the recent remodelling of Circuit Zandvoort. " Technically it is possible and not as expensive as building a new circuit," says Jarno Zaffelli, who led the Zandvoort project. Dromo, Zaffelli's company, will also be in charge at Jarama.

Jarama and Zandvoort are similar

Jarama is similar to Zandvoort in many ways. Both circuits come from the pen of John Hugenholtz, the tracks were previously on the F1 calendar in the early years through to the 1980s, and so, like Zandvoort, Jarama may now return to the calendar with a major upgrade. That renovation will have to cost around 40-50 million euros in total.

"We don't start with a blank sheet of paper, but we try to make use of everything that exists, make it safe, but keep the same essence and make sure the layout doesn't lose its identity," Zaffelli explains. The circuit is to go from 3.8 to 4.1 kilometres in length, making it about the same length as Zandvoort. Both the FIA and FOM have already given the go-ahead for the plans.