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Big job for Red Bull: 'It's clearly a massive challenge'

Big job for Red Bull: 'It's clearly a massive challenge'

19-09-2022 16:50 Last update: 21:07


Formula 1 teams are already busy behind the scenes with their engine suppliers for the 2026 season. This is because that is when the racing teams will have to deal with new engine regulations, changing a lot. For Red Bull Racing, the challenge is even greater, Pierre Waché told Motorsportweek.com.

After Honda's departure, the Austrian racing team decided to take matters into its own hands and come up with Red Bull Powertrains. Red Bull then sourced several big names from other teams to bring in the necessary know-how.

Although Red Bull has nothing to complain about in terms of qualities, the team will not get it easy according to Waché. "My concentration at the moment is more on the current Championship but it’s clearly a massive challenge, even more, when you start from scratch like they are doing," agrees the technical director. Waché believes Red Bull has already made great strides with bringing in the staff and building the factory, but it is far from there.

Honda and Red Bull possibly back together

It was already revealed last week that the partnership between Honda and Red Bull may be revived in 2026. The Japanese engine supplier is reportedly going to focus on the hybrid part of the powerunit, while the Austrians are said to be looking after the rest.