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Ferrari most powerful engine, Red Bull gets more out of electric drive'

Ferrari most powerful engine, Red Bull gets more out of electric drive'

19-09-2022 14:25 Last update: 21:05


Red Bull Racing are well ahead of the competition in both the Drivers' World Championship and the constructors' championship. However, it does not mean that the Austrian formation has the most powerful engine, according to Auto, Motor und Sport.

The Italians had to make up 20bhp on the competition at the beginning of the year, in which it eventually succeeded. According to calculations, Ferrari has four hp more than Red Bull with the car, giving it the best powerunit on the circuit in 2022.

Despite this, it is Red Bull that manages to get more out of the car. According to the medium, this is due to the electric drive. Indeed, the team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez is able to get much more out of this, keeping the competition behind.

However, Mercedes and Renault are not much behind Ferrari and Red Bull. It would be a difference of only a few horsepower in favour of the two teams, giving the race teams with a Mercedes or Renault powerplant the ability to compete at some circuits.

Mercedes most reliable engine

Incidentally, Ferrari by no means proved to have the most reliable powerplant on the grid this season. The Italian formation dropped out several times this year with engine problems, losing precious points. Mercedes did win the title of most reliable engine.