'Honda and Red Bull have tentative agreement for 2026'

'Honda and Red Bull have tentative agreement for 2026'

17 September - 09:29 Last update: 12:41

Red Bull Racing is reportedly considering a renewed partnership with Honda after the deal with Porsche fell through, reports The Race. The Japanese engine supplier reportedly intends to take on the hybrid part, while Red Bull Powertrains can focus on the internal combustion engine.

Both parties parted ways at the end of last season, but Honda remained in the background. When Red Bull's management was negotiating with Porsche in recent months, rumours were already swirling that Honda was keen to return to Formula 1.

Last week, Christian Horner already hinted that the Austrian formation was open to Honda. In fact, Red Bull and Honda are said to have already held several talks with each other, with a preliminary agreement possibly already reached.

Deal between Red Bull and Honda not yet final

For now, it remains to be seen how things will play out between the two parties. Indeed, the Japanese would still have to run the deal past the company's top brass who will take another close look at it. However, Honda and Red Bull are said to be hopeful of a positive outcome.