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F1 boss considers sweeping changes: 'We are putting a lot on the table'

F1 boss considers sweeping changes: 'We are putting a lot on the table'

14-09-2022 15:13 Last update: 15:54


Stefano Domenicali is working hard within Formula 1 to keep the sport as attractive as possible. Speaking to Corriere della Sera, he therefore says he is not ruling out future changes, as the excitement in the motorsport class must be paramount.

Last season, Formula 1 fans experienced the most exciting season in years. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen kept each other in balance until the last lap of the final race, after which the Dutchman won. Domenicali hopes to feel that tension more often.

"The excuses not to do it are always there," the Formula 1 boss pointed out of changes. "It is a principle of life. The purists always turn up their noses, but Formula 1 has changed the way of qualifying dozens of times over the years. It is a requirement that cannot be postponed, to have even more spectacle."

Formula 1 continues to see reserved grid as an option

He also says the idea of reversed grid is still a possibility. Under this, the plan is for the driver who qualifies first to start at the back, allowing for more overtaking on the track. Domenicali sees this as a good possibility.

"We are putting a lot on the table. Many people say 'no', but we have seen on some occasions (such as grid penalties in Belgium, ed) how nice it is to see a lot of overtaking in the race. We are obliged to try."

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