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Verstappen on new Red Bull for 2023: 'That's the most important thing'.

Verstappen on new Red Bull for 2023: 'That's the most important thing'.

13-09-2022 11:11

Inside The Paddock is a series by Red Bull Racing with more background information about the race weekend. During the Italian Grand Prix there was also a Q&A with Max Verstappen.

In the video on the Red Bull Racing channel, Verstappen is asked several questions by fans. He says he drinks a can of Red Bull himself from time to time and talks about friendships that are hard to come by in F1. But there are some serious F1 questions too, like how much influence does Verstappen have on the 2023 car?

Red Bull car for 2023

“In terms of involvement, the rules are not really changing a lot. It’s basically a continuation of this years car so they pretty much know what I like from the car. But at the end of the day, what’s most important is that we add parts to the car that makes it go faster, that’s basically always the aim. You learn from this year’s car and you try to make it better for next year," says Verstappen.

That is good news, because the RB18 is already a great car for Verstappen. The Dutchman has already won eleven Grands Prix in 2022, seems to be on his way to his second world title and the constructors' title is also up for grabs at Red Bull. If the Austrian team can make this car even faster, the competition will have to take complete cover.

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