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Weather forecast | Rain plays a minor role in Belgium

Weather forecast | Rain plays a minor role in Belgium

26-08-2022 07:00 Last update: 08:33


The predicted rain for the Belgian Grand Prix weekend seems to have failed. According to Weather.com there is still a chance of rain on Friday, but qualifying and the race will be in dry conditions.

The Belgian Grand Prix is just around the corner and it is always important to keep an eye on the weather as it can change in the Ardennes. In addition, conditions on the track itself can also vary, as the two ends of Spa-Francorchamps are far apart.

Rain clears over Spa

Fans with tickets will have thought back to the 2021 edition, when the GP was completely wrecked and only three laps were 'raced' behind the safety car. That does not seem to be happening after all. Sunday will be 22 degrees Celsius, mostly sunny and there is only a fourteen percent chance of rain.

At the beginning of the weekend there might be rain on and around the circuit. On Friday a lot of showers are predicted, with a chance of 57 percent that the rain will fall. With twenty degrees it will be a lot colder on Friday. On Saturday it clears up, especially in the afternoon, and with 22 degrees it is a bit warmer again. The chance of rain on Saturday is still 21 percent.

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