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Verstappen versus Leclerc: this is what makes Max different

Verstappen versus Leclerc: this is what makes Max different

22-08-2022 08:39 Last update: 09:47

Charles Leclerc is Max Verstappen's biggest challenger for the world title in 2022. The two drivers have been close throughout the first half of the season, but statistics show that the two achieve their victories in different ways.

Leclerc just as often from pole

Whereas Verstappen won his first world title in 2021 after a duel with Lewis Hamilton, he will be measuring himself against a new rival in 2022. Leclerc, although eighty points behind, is the Dutchman's closest rival in F1-75. Leclerc and Verstappen have known each other for a very long time, but it appears that they get their victories in a different way.

If you look at Leclerc's statistics, you will see that he has more poles than wins. The Monegasque is very fast over one lap. The surprising thing is that Verstappen, despite a championship year, has the same number as his rival. Both have been on pole sixteen times.

Verstappen better in the race

The difference between the two, however, is made on Sunday. Of the sixteen poles, Verstappen converted eleven into a victory. Leclerc managed that only four times. Verstappen managed to win seventeen times without a pole, while Leclerc did so only once. This brings Verstappen to a total of 28 wins, while Leclerc remains at five.

Still, a small side note should be added, as Leclerc's Ferrari has also been better over one lap than a race over the years. Certainly in 2019 Ferrari were very fast over one lap (under suspicious circumstances), but also in 2021 Leclerc set the fastest time twice without really having good pace on Sunday. Although for Monaco we will never know due to his crash in the second run of Q3.

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