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Aston Martin stops thinking about 2022: no more major updates

Aston Martin stops thinking about 2022: no more major updates

19 August - 18:40 Last update: 21:23


Aston Martin put two different cars on the grid this season. The team started with a design, but it soon turned out to be a failure. That's why a new version of the Aston Martin was produced. That one also proved to be no great success.

Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll should not expect any major changes to the car after the summer break. In AutoBild, performance director Tom McCullough reveals: "We have given ourselves a development budget. But we've already developed a lot and changed the car a lot."

Focus shifted

The team has now put its focus on the 2023 car. Its development is in full swing. McCullough indicates that it is theoretically possible to also develop a new rear wing, but that this costs a lot of money. Waiting until 2023 is simply not an option according to him.

So for Vettel - who is retiring after this season - the chances are that his season will have few highlights. There doesn't seem to be much for Aston Martin to win anyway. The team is ninth in the constructors' standings, already 75 points behind McLaren in fifth.

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