Ferrari chief does not want Leclerc to change driving style in battle with Red Bull

Ferrari chief does not want Leclerc to change driving style in battle with Red Bull

18 August - 13:27 Last update: 13:52

Ferrari may have wanted to go into the summer break feeling a little better, but the mood in Maranello is still good. This is what Laurent Mekies claims to According to the topman everyone at Ferrari is confident about closing the gap to Red Bull Racing in the world championship.

While Ferrari may have had the best car in the field throughout the first half of the season, they are still well behind in the World Cup. Max Verstappen is 80 points ahead of the drivers, while the gap between Red Bull and Ferrari after thirteen Grands Prix has increased to almost one hundred points.

Mood is good at Ferrari

"The mood in the camp is as high as it gets, because people like Charles [Leclerc], Carlos [Sainz], Mattia [Binotto], these guys are driving the team in all situations,” said Mekies. “You have the good moments, you have the bad moments, and I think the difference comes from this sort of leadership", Mekies said a week and a half before the start of the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

He continues: "“They are able, whatever happens, to press the reset button, to bring everybody together, to look back at what happened, to learn from it and to go and look to the next race with a smile and with more motivation than the race before." Mekies further reveals that he does not want Charles Leclerc to change his driving style in the second half of the season. According to the Italian, the Monegasque has been "very impressive" at the start of the year and small mistakes are part of the game.

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