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FIA introduces new porpoising rules: how things have been going

FIA introduces new porpoising rules: how things have been going

16 August - 19:28 Last update: 20:16


The FIA is taking tough action to remove porpoising from Formula 1 this season and next. The measures are not met with enthusiastic reactions from all teams, but nevertheless the organisation continues. How has it come to this in recent months?

The current Formula One season is characterised, among other things, by the problems of porpoising that the teams had to face right at the beginning of the year. While several teams quickly found solutions, there were a number of them that ran into the issue. And that was at the expense of their performance.

Supporters and opponents come forward

Mainly Mercedes and McLaren were pushing for changes behind the scenes. Both teams were of the opinion that the bouncing over the road would cause safety risks, while the FIA has this as its highest priority. In their opinion, therefore, the organisation had no choice but to introduce stricter rules.

Other teams, with Red Bull Racing and Ferrari in the lead, chose to voice their criticism. They argued that the FIA could not introduce the changes so late, when the teams had already made significant investments. Moreover, the changes to the rules would give Mercedes a clear advantage.

However, not only the formations voiced their opinions, some drivers also chose to do so. Sebastian Vettel, for instance, stood up for his fellow drivers by stating that the health risks would be too great. He argued that the FIA should intervene quickly to prevent worse.

FIA announces changes

The complaints prompted several discussions at the FIA, in which the organisation investigated whether the teams were right. Several experts stated that there was indeed a health risk attached to the problems, which made the FIA think it was best to intervene.

It wanted to come up with new rules very quickly and pushed for the Canadian Grand Prix, but this proved to be too soon. The drivers pointed out the time they needed to implement the changes, which the FIA agreed to. At the Belgian GP they will have to go through with it, after which more changes will follow in 2023.

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