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Krack: 'He is not just here because...'

Krack: 'He is not just here because...'

15 August - 19:50 Last update: 22:23


Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack says it is too easy to say that Lance Stroll is only racing in Formula 1 because of his father Lawrence Stroll. The team boss sees strong qualities in the Canadian driver.

Stroll has scored just four points this season compared to teammate Sebastian Vettel's 16. In Formula 1's rearguard, where drivers often fight hard for just one point, such a difference between two team-mates is very big. The statements about Stroll being a so-called 'pay driver' and not deserving of an F1 seat are always lurking. His father bought the former Force India F1 team and turned it into Racing Point. Currently the team has a partnership with Aston Martin, with whom Stroll seems to have an infinite contract.

Stroll in F1 on his own merits

According to the Aston Martin F1 team boss, Stroll deserves his seat with the team and the Canadian is not there purely because of his father. Krack said in the Beyond the Grid podcast that he finds it difficult to gauge how good Stroll really is: "It's hard to say. We have to remember that in his F1 career Lance has never had a car to win with. He has done exceptional things in difficult conditions. In the rain in Istanbul, for example."

Krack adds weight to his words that Stroll deserves his place in F1: "I think Lance is one of the drivers who is very underrated. He is much, much better than people think. He also works much harder than people think." According to the team boss, many people are unaware of Stroll's qualities because people do not put in the time to get to know him. Stroll, according to his boss, is showing he can do well in difficult circumstances. Krack: "In difficult circumstances you can often see who is good and who is not." The Luxembourger concludes, "It's easy to corner someone and say he's there because of his father. That's not true."

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