New clue emerges for Porsche's entry into Formula 1

New clue emerges for Porsche's entry into Formula 1

15 August - 12:22 Last update: 15:09

It is almost certain that Porsche will enter Formula 1 from 2026 onwards. The German brand itself keeps its lips sealed and does not want to confirm anything, because they first have to wait until everything regarding the engine regulations and other matters is in black and white. However, this week a new hint has emerged that it really is going to happen.

Porsche has registered a new trademark 'F1nally' for marketing and merchandise. They have done so at the German Patent and Trademark Office. The application was filed on 10 August, according to documents from the register.

The intention is that Porsche will build the engines for Red Bull from 2026 onwards. On behalf of the Volkswagen Group, Audi is also planning to enter the premier class of motor racing. However, they want to take over a racing stable and start as a factory team. Alfa Romeo Racing would currently be the biggest candidate to be taken over by 2026.

Porsche registers new trademark

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